CGI 2006 Summary

Founded by Scott Kritzer and Karla Fisher, with the help of Kritzer’s students and online community, The Classical Guitar Immersion conference was first held in Portland, Oregon, April 19-23, 2006.

The event was a dream come true for Krtizer and Fisher, bringing together classical guitar players of all levels from novice to advanced and professional from around the country.

The following is their description of the event and images from the week long conference.

Gone are the days of the long master classes. During the 70’s one week, more frequently two week classes were taught by the greatest teachers of the day. These long, intensive classes, where you could brush up, maybe even perform for, some of the greatest players of the day, have given way to short one or two day workshops. A player comes into town, plays a concert and the following afternoon gives a class – a hand shake and a kiss on the cheek if you’re lucky.

The Classical Guitar Immersion event is designed to bring back this intensive six day learning experience to serious adult classical guitarists. This is not just ANOTHER classical guitar festival or event.

The week long intensive conference is designed to be a complete immersion into classical guitar, covering performance and practice tips and techniques, hands on workshops with world class guitar professionals and experts, private lessons, and master classes that help the guitar student perfect their technique.

The event features several performances for students and teachers throughout the week.

Scott Kritzer

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