Master Class – Science of Melody

I’ll be offering a master class on my article Science of Melody on Saturday, July 16th from 3:00-5:00 pm PDT for both local and remote students. The class will consist of 3-4 performers and an unlimited number of auditors (although only 5 remote players total can be accommodated through SKYPE).

The student will learn a thorough approach to phrasing through the exploration melody. Students are often amazed at how the basics of musicianship (metric stresses, short notes to long, and basic phrasing concepts using dynamics and rhythm) can dramatically affect not only the musicality of a work but the accuracy as well!

Performers of all levels are eligible – the only requirement is that the performer prepares for the class by following the article The Science of Melody’s Initial directive of being able to play the melody alone, with the fingerings that will be used in the entire work. We will likely only work a section or two of each performers piece but we will work all the concepts mentioned in the article – ultimately integrating the accompaniment with the melody. The student will learn a system that can be applied to many works in his or her repertoire, new or old. (This is a great technique to apply to a new piece!!).

Auditors will simply observe and are free to ask questions and participate in the conversation.

Saturday, July 16th, 3:00-5:00 pm PDT
Performers $40
Auditors $25

Performer and Remote Audting spots are SOLD OUT. Still space for local auditors who can attend in person. If you are still interested please send me a note and I can put you on a waiting list in case of a cancellation. Thanks, Scott

How to Register

Contact me directly and let me know if you are planning to audit or perform. If you’d like to be a performer I’d be happy to discuss your repertoire choices but please mention your preference. I’ll let you know if there is still space available at which point you can either send payment to PAYPAL or mail a check to: Scott Kritzer, 1235 SE Division, Portland, Oregon 97202-1055.

Scott Kritzer

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3 Responses to Master Class – Science of Melody

  1. Charlie Schultz says:

    Hi Scott,
    This sounds great! I’d kind of like to use this as an opportunity to “re-animate” the Weiss Passacaglia.

  2. Scott Kritzer says:

    Charlie – this could be a great choice. Baroque music adds a small twist in terms of undrstanding, amongst other things, the metric stresses. This is often overlooked by classical guitarists not familiar with the idiosyncraties of the Baroque period. Since the composers of this time wrote with this in mind the results can be quite revealing and dramatic! It’s a popular piece as well so those who play or want to play the work can audit and still get quite a bit of information!

    Thanks – Scott

  3. Martin Rydnemalm says:

    Dear mr Kritzer. Thanks for answering me so fast and in person. I have now subscribed on your page ! ( as you suggested) But i am sorry to say that i have not
    received the arrangement for Nesun Dorma. I have payed over PayPal and my receitnumber is 5390-2657-7936-2900…..i am going to buy your records also and
    som more stuff from your site but i´m a bit concerned why the arrangement did not show up….sorry to bother you with this but maybe i have not understood it right.
    Am i supposed to download from some place after the payment ? (i have as i told you
    paid already)

    Best regards Martin from Sweden