Master Class – The ‘New’ Kritzer Technique

Technique is one subject that the serious classical guitar student must face sooner or later. Yet, as pedagogies go, the classical guitarist is generally weak on the subject. Although technical ideas abound regarding scales, slurs, and the like, the “how to” is often lacking in terms of teachable execution. Even harder to find is a technical approach that is based on the bio-mechanics of the human body. But here’s the good news; the movements required to play the classical guitarist’s repertoire can be reduced to just a few bio-mechanically appropriate forms. It seems as if the human body was designed to play the classical guitar.

The New Kritzer Technique class will be held on Saturday, September 24th, 2011, at 2 PM PDT. For cost and registration, please see below.

Class Content

The class will be focused on positioning and

'I' in the flexed position, 'M' extended position. Illustration by David Kritzer

movement principles, and how these apply to the classical guitarist’s technique. We’ll cover hand positions, sitting positions, and the following movement forms: alternation, string crossing, complex alternation, sympathetic motion, and compound motion. We’ll also cover the concepts of how best to produce finger movement, and my new concepts for finger positioning (flexed, neutral, extended, and hyper-extended), passive recoil response, as well as the active and passive finger role in sympathetic motion. Finally, you’ll learn how to integrate these movements into your repertoire.


The class will be held as an informal lecture with no formal performers;  however, those who’d like to get some ‘hands-on’ experience should have their guitars ready.

Who Would Benefit?

Technique Class

Everyone benefits from this course. Long-time students of mine who have seen the evolution of this technique to its newest version will benefit from this encapsulation. Students who are past Phase I students will also benefit from this new information. Even those completely unfamiliar with my teachings will benefit from the class. And, everyone who participates gets access to my “15 Minute Technique Practice Video” for their own use, as well as a PDF of all the exercises covered in Phase I.


How to Participate

The cost of the class is $50 and includes all the music for the exercises and access to my “15 Minute Technique Practice” video. In this video you’ll be able to practice your technical workout with guidance and instruction. This class is for remote and local students. (Remote students must be on SKYPE). Registration is on a first come, first served basis. Remote students will need a good, clear internet access, along with the latest version of Skype. If interested, please contact me directly.

The New Kritzer Technique Master Class

When: Saturday, September 24th, from 2-5 pm PDT
Cost: $50 (deposit into PayPal or mail a check to the address below)
Location:The Kritzer Studio
1235 SE Division, Suite 102
Portland, Oregon 97202

NOTE: I’ll be releasing a brand new Phase I later this fall with all of these concepts integrated. New instructional videos and a new ‘practice-along-with-Scott’ video are included for each part of the Phase. Also, if you’d like to spend a week of intense training on my technique please read about my Classical Guitar Immersion 2012 -Technique and Musicianship held March 30th-April 6th in Corbett, Oregon

Scott Kritzer

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3 Responses to Master Class – The ‘New’ Kritzer Technique

  1. Krys K. Schlegel says:

    Hi Mr. Kritzer,

    The New Kritzer Technique Master Class sounds wonderful! I gained some very useful tools from one of your performance workshops I participated in several years ago. I would like to attend. Thanks. Krys

  2. Scott Kritzer says:

    Great – look forward to seeing you! More info later…..

  3. Scott Kritzer says:

    I am so excited about sharing this information with you all. The class has some spots available but don’t wait too long. This comes off the heals of my experience in Europe teaching this in one session. I was so excited to see the results. In fact, the teacher in Germany wants to study this and translate into German! I’m also having it translated by our own Doug Campbell into Italian.

    The best part is that you’ll get all the support material; music and access to a 15 minute Technique Video that you can practice along with! I’ve been doing this amended technique practice (shorter yet more intense than before) with dramatic results – in fact, I’m playing the best I’ve ever played in large part to the application of these principles into repertoire.

    So whether your a long time student or have never really worked on technique I’d jump on this right away! Seriously good stuff!!!!!