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I remember clearly my decision to pursue the study of classical guitar. Following a concert of the (original) Oregon Guitar Quartet, contacted Scott Kritzer, one of it’s members, and told him I wanted to study guitar, and that I was a beginner. To my delight, he took me on. That was 1988! During my 17 years of study I have married and started a family of my own. My love of the study and practice of classical guitar has persisted through all of these life changes.

Sometimes I’m frustrated by not getting as much practice time in as I’d like but I keep my goals in mind: to continue to incrementally expand my musical abilities and expression, to explore the repertoire and to increase my comfort in performance. I aspire to be playing my whole life, and accept the fact that in this phase of my life with young children and job to balance my time to practice is limited. I hope to expose my children to the passion of music so that they might choose to develop their musical interests early in life.

I am drawn inexplicably to the sound and the colors possible on the classical guitar. I love my own guitar, a 1977 Traphagen named Daphne. What is most exciting is the me exciting is the transformation of a piece I have struggled with for months from a stilted string of notes to a song. And the learning never stops. The study of guitar is at once a
humbling and a spiritually charged experience for me. Paul Ketcham

Scott Kritzer

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2 Responses to Student News – Paul Ketcham

  1. Isabelle Bell says:

    I love the way you play your”1996″ A CLASSIC GUITAR CHRISTMAS.
    It is soft and gentle, I like it very much.
    I purchased this CD recently from a catalogue from California.
    I love CLASSIC guitar.As soon as I heard the first song I know I had a CD that I would enjoy.:)
    Thank you for the sweet CHRISTMAS MUSIC.
    Sincerly, Isabelle

  2. Scott Kritzer says:


    Thanks for listening – and for your comments. Merry Christmas to you too!