Performance Anxiety Rehab Workshop with PAR PODS Begins September, 2016

I’ll be offering my popular Performance Anxiety Rehab Workshop beginning September 10th, 2016 and continuing on September 24th, October 15th and 29th from 2:00-3:30 pm PDT with PAR PODS to follow throughout the remainder of the year.

Performance Anxiety Rehab (PAR)

Nearly every performer, amateur to professional, suffers from some level of performance anxiety. If IMG_1294you’ve performed I’m sure that you’ve experienced it as well. One of my class participants once described performing “…as a burning staircase that I must ascend.”  The anxiety that accompanies our performance robs us of our potential. It affects how we play and ultimately how we are perceived as performers. While performance anxiety is a natural result from the fear of public embarrassment its affects can be minimized or entirely overcome.

Scott Kritzer, GuitaristAfter almost four decades of performing and teaching experience I can say that these tools have all but eliminated the effects of performance anxiety from my performances. My workshop participants have had similar results. I used to dread performances, big and small. I tried a lot of the standard ideas but they either didn’t work or made it worse. This often caused unwanted physical reactions on stage resulting in mistakes and frustration. After one particular performance I decided I would either conquer this demon or quit. The result is what I call Performance Anxiety Rehab.

Each class will begin with a short lecture after which I’ll work with each student. At the end of each class participants will get detailed written instructions and practice assignments. Students will be encourged to interact with one another by sharing their questions and comments on my FORUM. I will be available to personally answer questions as well.


The skills and concepts that you learn in PAR must be further developed beyond our four classes. PAR PODS are quartely meetings of PAR participants. These meetings will be scheduled once per quarter for one year and will consist of your performances, participant observations and comments. And we can all stay in touch in between meetings by visiting the FORUM.

Class Requirements

IMG_5554The PAR workshop is available to students of all levels and is open to all instrumentalists, whether you’re a professional, an aspiring professional or someone who wants to play at an open mic. The only requirement is that each participant be able to perform 2-3 pieces of any level from memory. Feel free to bring your shaking hands and shallow breathing, we’ll take care of you here in PAR.

PAR is available in person at the Kritzer Studio and remotely via SKYPE. There are a limited number of spaces available. All classes take place from 2:00-3:30 PDT on September 10th, 24th, October 15th and 29th, 2016

Class Overview

Class 1 – Changing the Rules

In this first class we’ll set the foundation for a new set of rules for performing. We’ll learn to alter the conditions that cause us to lose so much of our potential in performing. We’ll also learn to avoid many of the concepts taught to help with performance anxiety that either don’t work, or make the problem worse. In addition we’ll begin to develop a ‘performer’s’ mind in practice.

Class 2 – The Practice Directives for Performance Anxiety

We’ll learn the three most important Practice Directives that will help to eliminate the interference performance anxiety causes. To enable you to integrate the practice directives learned in class there will be a two week break between classes 2 and 3.

Class 3 – Imagination

Learn to use your imagination and allow for your creativity to aid in not only combating performance anxiety but to discover new musical ideas.

Class 4 – Integration

Our final class will put the finishing touches on the concepts learned and how to continue to creatively develop your performing skills through what I call PAR PODS. PAR PODS are comprised of Performance Anxiety Rehab Workshop participants that meet quarterly (every 3 months after the final class) to help continue developing the tools learned in PAR.


The cost of PAR is $150 which includes four PAR Classes and 4 PAR POD Meetings to take place throughout the year. To register or for questions please contact me by email at

Class Size:

6-8 participants


Scott Kritzer

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