Classical Guitar Immersion Overview

Classical Guitar Immersion Conference (CGI)

Classical Guitar Immersion (CGI) is an annual event where I works closely with a small group of beginning to advanced students in developing either practice and performing skills (CGI Performance) or an in depth look into classical guitar technique a (CGI Technique.) Both events are held at the Menucha Retreat in Corbett, Oregon.

It might be best to first explain what Classical Guitar Immersion isn’t. CGI is not like the common classical guitar festivals offering a series of one day master classes taught by different teachers. While these type of guitar events are useful in exposing oneself to a variety of teaching concepts they do little to help the player internalize an effective approach to learning a particular subject. 

CGI Performance and CGI Technique impart a particular set of skills for the classical guitar student of any level. Classical Guitar Immersion Performance focuses on performance preparation including practice, performing and performance anxiety concepts.  For more information go tot (Classical Guitar Immersion, Performance Preparation. Classical Guitar Immersion, Technique will focus on building a strong technical foundation for the classical guitarist.

Who Should Attend?

Players of all levels are welcome at CGI. Whether you attend CGI Performance or CGI Technique your individual needs will be met and your skill sets will improve!

“Scott’s deep understanding of music, worldwide performance experience, and relaxed teaching style all combine to greatly raise the level of each student.” Mike Hurley

Building a Learning Community

The Classical Guitar Immersion experience includes monthly (CGI Performance) or weekly (CGI Technique) workshops prior to our event. These workshops better prepare each player for the immersion process.  And whether you’ve played for decades or just became acquainted to the classical guitar, CGI will give you a solid set of particular skills.

The Menucha Retreat Center in Corbett, Oregon

Menucha Retreat Center is a 100 acre retreat center dating back from the 1920’s. Its magnificent groves of massive trees, expansive lawns, and spectacular views of the world famous Columbia River Gorge are the perfect environment for immersing oneself into classical guitar study. And Menucha is only 20 minutes from Portland, Oregon. (Rides will be provided to and from Portland International Airport.)

At Menucha you’ll have private sleeping quarters, bathroom and practice space. Our group meeting room is spacious and comfortable with latest in audio visual technology. Attached to our classroom is a large dining area and kitchen facility where we store your favorite snacks, and where we usually congregate before breakfast for conversation and that first cup of coffee.

All meals, including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and pescatarian diets are provided and available. Alternative diets require a small additional charge.

The Menucha Conference and Retreat Center is has many scenic trails, a swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts and an outdoor fireplace that overlooks the Columbia River Gorge. 

Classical Guitar Immersion is a week-long event which immerses a small number of students (12-15), in a particular area of study. Currently two CGI’s exist (Classical Guitar Immersion, Performance Preparation and Classical Guitar Immersion, Technique) which strive to impart a particular set of skills for the classical guitar student – of any level. For information regarding the current CGI’s please go to the links above.

2010 CGI Participants

For more information regarding registration, scheduling information on a current CGI or summaries of past CGI’s please go to Classical Guitar Immersion. You can also contact me directly. Contact

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