Ancillary Services

 Ancillary services can deepen the impact an artist has on a community. My community 20141011-_MG_3145 copy
outreach programs broadens the potential market from grade school children to adults with residencies, guitar master classes, workshops and even a short “Economic Impact of the Arts” talk for local service
communities – like Rotary.

Residency – A Musical Landscape

12417600_10206663340956599_6713460122942227552_nMusic is the unifying factor that can shed the light of understanding between all cultures.  My guitar comes alive in A Musical Landscape as I perform music from Germany, Brazil, and Africa, home of the  woods of my 1989 Jeffrey Elliott classical guitar. Weaving through a musical landscape I’ll illustrate the unifying cultural characteristics that blend these countries, and our lives together – just as master luthier Jeffrey Elliott brought together woods from diverse lands together for a homogenous instrumental sound.  Length: 50 minutes Ages: K-12

Service Club Talk – Economic Impact of the Arts

Now more than ever its important to understand the need for community support for the arts, 20141011-_MG_3068 copy
that they not only add vibrancy and livability to a community but it just makes good business sense. I’ll deliver the hard facts on the financial benefits of culturally active community and demonstrate that its a resource worth developing. All delivered in an engaging and friendly style.  Length: 30 min  Audience: Service Clubs

Workshop – Performance Anxiety Rehab

Nearly every performer, amateur to professional, suffers from some level of performance anxiety. The anxiety that accompanies our performance robs us of our potential. While performance anxiety is a natural condition of human nature, with the right coaching its affects can be minimized, or entirely overcome. This workshops is open to a limited number of performers and an unlimited number of auditors.  Length: 1-3 hours Ages: All Instruments: All 

Workshop – Right Hand Technique

IMG_0642Every classical guitarist should be focused on proper right hand technique. The lack of a clear understanding of how joints, ligaments, and muscles function in the right hand can limit potential and lead to frustration, declining ability, or even career-ending injuries. This 3 hour lecture demonstration will be taken from my method Primary Skills Development for the Classical Guitarist and will cover positioning as well as right hand movement forms that dominate the classical guitarist’s repertoire. The class is open to a limited number of performers and an unlimited number of auditors. Length: 3 hours Ages: High School-Adult

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