How to Make a Hit

Ten Steps to Make a Hit in Your Community

1. Direct Mailers, Posters and Bookmarks

Designed to make an immediate and long lasting impact on potential audience members, my mailers, posters and bookmarks draw attention in any window or counter top. And the bookmarks are Postera wonderful way to create ‘walk around’ advertising!

2. Fill-in-the-blank Press Releases and PSA’s

I realize that writing a pressPressRelease release or public service announcement can be a time-consuming job. With my pre-written material, you can simply fill in the blanks with specific concert information.

3. Programs

The specific program for our event will be online and ready when you want. You just download, add the your organization’s information, and print.

4. Biography

Whether for your season brochure, program, or your local media I provide short, medium, and long biographies – as well as my introduction script!

Kritzer Publicity 15. Photos

First rate photographs really do make a difference. You will be provided with digital photos from internationally renowned photographer Hiroshi Iwaya that will make any newspaper editor take notice.

9. Advertising

Print media can be an effective marketing tool in most markets. These ready-made ads will catch the eye of potential audience members. I’ll provide them print ready!

Residencies & Workshops

I offer a comprehensive range of 12417600_10206663340956599_6713460122942227552_nresidencies, workshops and master classes tailored to specific audiences, from small children up through the adults. I can also visit one of your local community service organization’s and perform my short lecture The Economic Impact of the Arts. In any case, an outreach in your community can boost interest in my performance.

8. YouTube Press Releases

Screen Shot 2018-09-30 at 11.24.34 AMOften people need a bit of prompting to attend a concert and these interest-creating quick-hit videos will introduce background as well as performance excerpts of some of the works I’ll be performing for your community. Timed for specific release, these videos can capture and keep your audience’s interest right up to our performance date!

9. Accessibility

I make it a policy to make myself available for print, radio, and television interviews or appearances.

10. You Tell Me

I know that every community is unique and I’m happy to try a marketing idea that you’ve found works for your community. My goal is to make the greatest impact possible. If you’ve got a new idea lets give it a try!

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