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About Me

I have been teaching and performing on the classical guitar for almost four decades. I am a graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and the product of many great teachers. My two most influential teachers are Aaron Shearer and Andres Segovia protege Michael Lorimer. 

Over my career I have sought to grow as a performer and teacher of the classical guitar throu20141011-_MG_3136gh critical self evaluation and study. Many of my concepts take shape from working with students; a new discovery that helps one student often helps us all. This keeps my studio fresh and inspiring. 

For thirty years I served as an adjunct faculty member at Lewis & Clark and Reed Colleges in Portland, Oregon.  Many of my students went on to pursue professional careers in music and some won regional, national and international guitar competitions. A number of my pre-college students eventually went on to attend such notable schools as The Julliard School, the Royal Conservatory of Music in London, the North Carolina School of the Arts and his alma mater, The San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

In an effort to focus on finishing my three part method for classical guitar, in 2010 I decided to reduce my teaching by leaving my positions both at Reed and Lewis & Clark and teach in my private studio only.

“After thirty years of playing, four years in a guitar performance degree program, and ten years of lessons and master class workshops I was still using a composite of haphazard methods. Scott imparts a proven, systematic, and practical way of learning and performing repertoire. ” Peter Jespersen

The Kritzer Studio

IMG_5533I teach out of my private studio located in Beaverton, Oregon. I teach beginning to advanced (including professional) players. I can work with students in person, or online through Zoom. Local students are encouraged to arrive early and take advantage of a warm-up room complete with a full length mirror, music & guitar stand, metronome, nail files and paper – all the guitar accessories that you’ll need to get ready for your lesson.

Also, arrive early or stay late to enjoy the Japanese garden complete with koi ponds.

Working With Scott in Private

IMG_4451In the Kritzer Studio each student is given guidance and instruction so that he or she will reach their full potential.  Working in person or online allows the student to have his or her needs met directly and efficiently. First, the student’s technical needs will be assessed. Each student will then be given detailed technical instruction, working privately through the concepts and exercises in Phase I Primary Skills Development. Other subjects will follow in order of importance, such as; repertoire development, (in the case of beginners, learning to read music), practice habits,  musicianship, music memorization and performance skills. Private students will also have access to unreleased material from my Phase II Secondary Skills for the Classical Guitarist and Phase III Practice Directives for the Classical Guitarist.

Students will leave each lesson with clear directives and a practice plan for the following two weeks and in most cases written and video instruction.

“As an adult self taught guitarist I found Scott’s instruction to be critical in filling in the gaps in my technique, interpretative skills and general musicianship. I’ve dramatically improved my understanding of music, fundamental skills, consistency and performance capability.” Michael Gover


Lessons are available in person or remotely via Zoom and offered for one hour, every two weeks. I work with students on a bi-weekly schedule. I find that most non-professional players do best with lessons every other week.

Students are encouraged to check-in during their lesson ‘off’ week with a video update. If need be I’ll send written and video instruction back. Students work privately with me will also have access to an organized online practice plan and performance evaluation worksheets.

Who Would Benefit?

IMG_1294While I believe that my teaching method would benefit every player it certainly isn’t for every temperament. Students should be willing to commit to a regular practice schedule and be open to applying new concepts. Often students make their way to my studio because they want more control over their playing, want an understanding of technique and appreciate an organized approach. I find that while many new students have been diligent in their practice they are also frustrated at the lack of progress being made.


I am happy to work with students of all levels, from absolute beginners to professionals. But one must possess patience and discipline. While the material is relatively easy to learn its integration takes patience and guidance. Whatever your talent I can help you reach your potential.

IMG_1312New students in the Kritzer Studio are often surprised how much less practice is needed than with other teachers. Your practice log, the clarity of the material as well as the opportunity to view videos online all help advance the student while keeping the practice time to a minimum. Students should expect to practice 20-60 minutes per day (depending on their repertoire level), 5 days per week.

Each student will receive a practice log outlining what, when, and how to practice each piece or exercise. In addition, private students will have access to all online video instructions including my ‘Practice-Along-With-Scott’ videos.

Please feel free to come early to your lessons and use our warm-up in a private room. 

Lesson Information

First Meeting – No Charge

Part of a student/teacher relationship is chemistry. I like to schedule an initial, no charge meeting where we can discuss your goals, I can assess your skills,  and give you a map of where you can expect to be in 3 months, 6 months and a year.  

Bring pertinent music. If your experience allows expect to play a piece or two from memory and some technical exercises or simple study pieces. I will then give you my assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and a long range plan of study. I’ll even send you home with some exercises to try.

Scheduling that First Meeting

I teach out of my studio in Beaverton, Oregon, minutes west of Hwy 217.  Contact me directly for availability. I will recommend that we set up an introductory meeting time (either in person or via Zoom) where I can assess your playing and make recommendations.

Bi Monthly Lesson

Bi-monthly lessons allow for more time to integrate
material and if the student ever feels he or she needs more material between lessons I can send written assignments that include video descriptions and instructions upon request.

Weekly Lessons

Weekly lessons are more for the player who wants to advance quickly or the professional level player.

Lesson Fees

Lessons are $180 per month ($90 per lesson) and $360 for weekly lessons. Monthly lesson fees are due on the first lesson of each month.

Make-up Policies

I am happy to make up lessons that are cancelled 24 hours in advance or for emergency situations. There is no reduction of your monthly fee if a missed lesson can’t be made up due to your schedule conflicts. If I have to miss a lesson for any reasons and we can’t arrange a make-up you won’t be charged for that lesson.

8 Responses to Private Instruction

  1. Scott Kritzer says:


    What about Wednesday, after 3 pm?


  2. Chris Decker says:

    Im interested in taking private lessons. Monday through Thursday in the afternoon is best for me. Please contact me with any information on the classes.
    Thank you,

  3. Scott Kritzer says:


    I’ve got some times on Mondays and Tuesdays, (early to late afternoon spots). I’d suggest we set up an informal time that may or may not be a regular time. I’d like to know what your looking for and see if we’re a good match. I’ve got a great studio of fun students – hope you become one of them!

    Let me know what might work.



  4. Jason Gassman says:

    Could you please tell me your lesson prices (hope it’s not impolite to ask somebody with your reputation that)

    I’m a full-time Soldier in Vancouver, WA needing help w/ my CG hobby; I’m hitting walls. The one thing that is keeping me going is the Shearer scale book; I can see finally see where many of the notes are. I am grateful to one of your teachers for taking the time to build a scale exercise book for us.

  5. Scott Kritzer says:


    Not impolite at all – thanks for writing. Hitting walls is very common and I’ll be able to give you great advice as well as a long term way of managing your practice, your growth and musical experience. First, we’d start with technique. You can check out more information here about my approach. In addition to the private time I’ll send you assignments mid-week. All materials have written instructions, a video-taped introduction and practice-along-with-Scott videos.

    I charge $80.00 per hour, two lessons per month. There is a cash discount. All above mentioned materials come with that fee.

    Jason, I’d be happy to meet with you in person to go over all potential questions before you decide.

    Thanks and thanks for your service!



  6. Jason G. says:


    Would you have any time to meet this weekend??

  7. Scott Kritzer says:


    Come by for the Student Recital tonight! Otherwise I have time on Sunday.


  8. Jason G. says:

    Could we meet to discuss lessons any time during next week
    (18-23 June)


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