Three Monthly Online Workshop

TechTalk for the Classical Guitarist

Tech Talk with Scott will explore the foundation for a solid technique for the classical guitarist. Subjects will focus around proper positioning, efficient movements and technical exercises that can aid in a more relaxed, more efficient way of playing resulting in better accuracy and faster playing.  

Performers will bring their guitars and questions. Auditors can watch and participate in the Q & A at the end of each session.

TechTalk Registration

  • WHEN: 1st Saturday of the Month
  • TIME: 1 pm PDT

Ask to join the Tech Talk with Scott Kritzer Facebook Group.

Perfect Practice for the Classical Guitarist

Perfect Practice

All the information on the internet won’t make you a better guitar player without practice. But even players who practice consistently often show few results for their efforts and with good reason; a practice that feels good is one that produces short term results. Conversely a perfect practice actually feels like anything but.

The benefits of good practice often don’t manifest themselves for weeks so players often chase a variety of concepts only to come up short. A consistent practice, based on newly discovered information on how we learn, will reward the player with a more effective practice and positive results, with less time spent in the practice room.

I have spent decades developing practice guidelines and tools that will keep your practice effective and fresh. In addition you’ll learn how to use the Kritzer Studio Practice Plan.

Perfect Practice Registration

  • WHEN: 2nd Saturday of the Month
  • TIME: 1 pm PDT

Ask to join the Perfect Practice with Scott Kritzer Facebook Group.

Performance Anxiety Rehab

Performance Anxiety Rehab

Performance anxiety robs us of our potential and neutralizes our hard work in the practice room. While some nervousness is natural and even beneficial prior to a performance, its important to eliminate the needless and even damaging effects of performance anxiety that undermine your hard work and potential developed in the practice room.

Join me for these series of workshops where we’ll learn how to manage performance anxiety through effective practice tools resulting in a more satisfying performance experience.

In addition, we’ll form a community of players who will meet for PAR PODS; a safe environment to try out your newly learned performing skills!

Performance Anxiety Rehab Registration

  • WHEN: 3rd Saturday of the Month
  • TIME: 1 pm PDT

Ask to join the Performance Anxiety Rehab Facebook Group.

Scott Kritzer

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