Independent Studies with the Kritzer Method

Independant Studies

Independent Students have the opportunity to receive personalized instruction of my method Primary Skills Development for the Classical Guitarist without the cost or time commitment of private lessons.   Phase I – Primary Skills for the Classical Guitarist focuses on technique.

Here’s How We Work

Independent Studies students will work through each chapter of Phase I while under my supervision. Each chapter is composed of written and video instructions, as well as practice-along-with-Scott videos. The student then practices their assignments listed at the end of each chapter and sends a video tape of their Independent Studies assignment for my review and comments. Students should expect a response within 2-3 days. Then it’s on to the next chapter!

Phase Pricing Structure

You’ll be encouraged to send one set of video assignments per week or every two weeks. The cost of participating is the Independent Studies program is $79.99 per month. Simply choose the Independent Studies box when subscribing. Those wishing to start sooner can take advantage of a special pricing offer so please contact me directly if interested. 

Your Time Commitment

When working through the Phases you’ll need to add another 10-15 minutes of practice time to your existing schedule.

Please feel free to Contact me with any questions.

3 Responses to Independent Studies with the Kritzer Method

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  2. Mike says:

    Hi Scott…how much would phase 1 & 2 cost?..I am looking for video instruction…on nail shape, tone production and hand position…

  3. Mike,

    Thanks for your inquiry. My Phase structure has been revamped and will be out early in 2013. Phase 1 Primary Skills Development will cover right and left hand techniques and the integration of the movements we learn into repertoire. Students who have passed through my Phase 1 have a relaxed and efficient set of hands and perform with relaxation and few errors. I am SO excited about getting this out.

    Phase 2 will cover Secondary Skills – these are the skills that I feel make the guitarist that much better and deal with tone production, vibrato, dynamics, finger independence for voicing and other important skills.

    Phase 3 will be Practice Directives. These directives cover four main areas that when applied to repertoire will aid the player in musicianship, technique, memory and performance.

    Each Phase will be priced tailored to your involvement level. Those who study privately with me get the Phases included in their lessons which cost $160.00 per month. The other pricing is yet to be determined but there will be three tiers ultimately; first the player can just buy the Phase 1 in written form. Second the student can work through the Phase by sending me videos of their work. (In the past Phase I cost $280 for this but it will be more as the new Phase 1 is much more comprehensive and takes about 3 months to complete). In this tier the student will have access to online instructional and the important practice-along-with-Scott videos available to them and the third tier is ultimately I’ll have a subscription where members can view all Phases and their accompanying video instruction.

    So I’d be very interested in your thoughts on this Mike. What seems reasonable? Which tier would best fit your needs and what is your budget? Alos, how did you hear about me??



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