Tech Talk w/Scott

Mechanics of the Free Stroke

May 18th at 1:00 PM PDT

I’m excited to announce a series of monthly workshops called “Tech Talk with Scott” covering a wide range of topics regarding technique for the classical guitarist. Each workshop will cover a specific subject and in most cases I’ll work with students directly so bring your guitars! Each workshop will finish with a Q&A.

The role of technique is to establish patterns and movements that allow for the greatest accuracy with the least amount of effort – devoid of any unnecessary tension. In each workshop I’ll cover some aspect of technique for the classical guitarist that will help achieve that aim.

My first Tech Talk will cover one of the most fundamental and important skills for the classical guitarist; Mechanics of the Free Stroke. In this workshop I’ll discuss the how’s and why’s of a proper free stroke. Learn to perform this simple move correctly and you’ll experience a relaxed and accurate movement that will transform all other playing. Bring your guitars and I’ll show you the free stroke exercise that I practice almost daily.

I’ll be happy to work directly with a few students. In addition we’ll conclude with a Q & A.

The first Tech Talk w/Scott is already 1/2 full so register early.

Tech Talk w/Scott: The Mechanics of the Free Stroke

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