Classical Guitar Treasures from the Baroque

I’m excited to announce a new digital release from Miramont Records of my latest album! Classical Guitar Treasures from the Baroque – with arrangements by Michael Lorimer – will be available on all streaming services on Friday, October 21st.

This album features two multi-movement suites from the varied styles of lutenist Silvius Leopold Weiss (Sonata #34 in E minor) and J.S. Bach’s Cello Suite No 1, BWV 1007 – both updated arrangements.

In addition, the album is anchored by four tombeaux (a musical eulogy) written on the death of the unfortunate Mr. Blancrocher, a lutenist who fell down a flight of stairs at a party attended by all four composers represented on this recording. Each composer’s eulogy is titled Tombeau pour Mr. Blanchrocher.

Two of the Tombeaux were written by harpsichordists Johann Jakob Froberger and Louis Couperin. These are masterful arrangements that evoke the highly ornamental and complex French Baroque style. These works contain musical phrases depicting Mr. Blanchrocher’s descent down the stairs (or to his eternal resting place?) as well as bells tolling. The other two tombeaux are by lutenists François Dufault and Denis Gaultier – lighter in texture they exude a profoundly mournful and plaintive tribute to Mr. Blanchrocher.

Rounding out the album are three new arrangements, Domenico Scarlatti’s K213, originally for harpsichord, and Prelude and Fugue, BWV 539a, 1000, 1001), originally written for organ. Bach paired his new work, the Prelude, with an arrangement of his famous ‘fiddle’ fugue. Lorimer arranged the Prelude from the organ and the Fugue mostly from the Fugue from Bach’s Second Violin Sonata. The result is a fantastic pairing and inventive articulation in the guitar part, especially in the Fugue.

The creation of Treasures comes from my decades long passion of baroque music. My teacher Michael Lorimer, baroque and classical guitarist and protege of Andres Segovia, arranged all the works on this recording. His impeccable insight into the baroque style is seamlessly interwoven with the classical guitar, resulting in performances that sound like they were originally written for guitar.

Classical Guitar Treasures from the Baroque – Track List

  1. Prelude – Sonata #34**, Silvius Leopold Weiss
  2. Allemande
  3. Courante
  4. Bouree
  5. Minuett I
  6. Sarabande
  7. Minuett I
  8. Gigue
  9. Tombeau pour Mr. Blancrocher, Lous Couperin
  10. Tombeau pour Mr. Blancrocher*, Denis Gaultier
  11. Prelude – Cello Suite No 1 BWV 1001**, J.S. Bach
  12. Allemande
  13. Courante
  14. Sarabande
  15. Minuetts I & II
  16. Gigue
  17. Tombeau pour Mr. Blancrocher*, Francois Dufault
  18. Tombeau pour Mr. Blancrocher, Johann Jakoc Froberger
  19. Sonata K213*, Domenico Scarlatti
  20. Prelude BVW 539a*, Johann Sebastian Bach
  21. Fuga BVW 1000, 1001*, Johann Sebastian Bach

* new arrangement, first recording

** updated arrangement

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