Classical Guitar Immersion, 2011 – Corbett, Oregon

View from Menucha of the Columbia River Gorge

Classical Guitar Immersion 2011 [SOLD OUT]
June 17th to June 24th, 2011
Menucha Retreat Center
Corbett, Oregon

Built around the method for classical guitar by Scott Kritzer, CGI is an intensive learning experience exploring technique, performance skills and musicianship in a relaxed learning environment suited for beginners and advanced players alike.

Scott’s deep understanding of music, combined with his worldwide performing experience and relaxed teaching style, combine to greatly raise the level of each student.”
-Mike Hurley

Classical Guitar Immersion – What is it?

2010 CGI Master Class

Students at CGI are immersed into a methodology with regards to technique, practice, and performance skills. The immersion happens through Workshops (PAR and Master Classes), Ensemble Rehearsal, Lectures, and interaction with the other performers.

Some of the most important principles for learning the classical guitar are the simplest to understand, even implement, especially with the intense repetition which is part of the CGI experience. Sound bio-mechanical principles of technique, the simplification of practice techniques and habits, and a common-sense approach that eliminates the effects of performance anxiety are discussed and implemented.

What would I do there?

Each participant at CGI s a performer. That’s part of the immersion experience: the simulation of the material from the workshops into intense practice and, ultimately, into performance.

Those with less experience will most likely work in the Performance Anxiety Rehab (PAR) workshop, while those with more experience will most likely participate in the Master Classes. All members will perform in the ensemble as well as attend all workshops and lectures, albeit some as performers, some as auditors—both types of participation offer unique learning experiences. Bring a notebook and/or something to record with.

PAR workshop participants will perform for the CGI community only, while the Master Class participants will perform a public recital in Portland, Oregon’s Old Church. (Don’t start shaking—many first time participants become performers in one week!).

Tom and Patrick Receive Last Minute Performance Notes

How well do I have to be able to play?

Who qualifies to attend CGI? You’d be surprised, but you don’t have to be an experienced player—just be able to play a few simple pieces on the classical guitar, and possess a craving for knowledge on how to master the instrument! Beginning to advanced players are all welcome. Perhaps you’re a former blues or rock player, recently converted to classical guitar. Maybe you’re a lifetime devotee who has been frustrated with a lack of growth: you work hard, but you don’t seem to make progress. Or maybe you just need motivation and a kick in the ***. CGI welcomes you all.

We only accept 12 participants: the first 12 to send in their deposits. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive your ensemble assignment (easy-moderate-difficult, depending on your ability). Just so you know, CGI sells out!

Who attends?

CGI is made up of a group of classical guitar aficionados from a variety of backgrounds: computer programmers to engineers, doctors to students, retirees to teens.

2010 CGI Participants

Camaraderie is a key component of CGI. It’s often those late hour performances in rooms and living rooms that draw people closer together for the shared learning here.

But these are things that have made past CGI’s successful. What separates the rest from CGI 2011 is the full residency of all participants at one of the most scenic and learning facilities around, Menucha Retreat.

Where is it, what are the facilities like?

Famous Crown Point on the Columbia River Gorge

This year CGI is unique in that all participants will be full-time residents at Menucha Retreat, the Columbia River Gorge’s 100-acre resort just 20 miles east of the Portland International Airport (rides to and from PDX will be arranged). When I say all participants, I mean myself as well. That’s right, whether sitting around the indoor or outdoor fireplaces, on the expansive lawn, or the main kitchen, I’ll be lurking—ready to join in the guitar chat!

Residents will stay in one of the four apartment’s multiple bedrooms. A small living room and kitchen are part of each apartment. Each of these apartments are connected to the large house (for our use only), which includes a great room (complete with fireplace and sofa) where our workshops will take place, as well as a large kitchen where we can store some of our personal goodies. We’ll also have coffee delivered every morning, as long as that’s okay with Sue Williams, our resident coffee chef.


Early registration assures a more private room, if that’s what you’d like. Couples can also stay, but both are charged for room and board.

Meals will be taken at the large dining room alongside other Menucha Retreat guests. I think a daily morning walk would be a great idea— perhaps we can slip in a game of tennis, or some swimming. We will  hang out at the outdoor fireplace at night, maybe play some guitar. I can guarantee that this is some of the most picturesque landscape in the world, and you’ll need to take some time to enjoy the view.

Views abound at Menucha


Costs and Registration

Cost for Classical Guitar Immersion 2011 is $1623.00 and includes all classes, concerts, meals and housing. To register send a non-refundable deposit of $365.00 to:
Scott Kritzer
Classical Guitar Immersion
1235 SE Division, Ste 102
Portland, OR 97214

Please contact me directly before registering – space is limited and CGI usually sells-out.

Scott Kritzer

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