Classical Guitar Immersion 2011 Student Recital

This don’t-miss event is the culmination of work done at Classical Guitar Immersion 2011 by visiting and local players and is always a great hit.

Tom Exhibiting Nerves of Steel

Thursday, June 23rd, 7:30 pm
The Old Church
1422 SW 14th
Portland, Oregon
Admission: N/C

Students arrive at CGI ready to roll up their sleeves with one goal in mind; to prepare for a recital. Working on the technical and musical aspects comprise only part of the CGI experience. Principles from my Performance Anxiety Workshop (held during the CGI week as well as annually in the Kritzer Studio) are also applied. The work these students accomplish in less than a week is nothing short of herculean. I am humbled by not only their effort but the results!

This year’s concert will feature works for solo guitar by Sor, Barrios, Aguado, Duarte and Sanz as well as guitar ensemble works by Vivaldi, Telemann and Scott Joplin.

Students prep for Recital

What makes these concerts unique is that the listener gets a chance to almost experience what it would be like, as a non-professional, to get up and perform. Make no mistake, while each of these performers are non-professional musicians, they experience every bit of performance anxiety that a professional does.

Lee and Brent, Backstage

Calm and Cool Charlie S.

They are more visceral and the human emotions more on the surface. As a result I find that audiences enjoy these recitals as much, perhaps more, than a professional recital.

Also, for those aspiring to study and perform on the classical guitar they provide a window into what one could someday be doing!

Mike Displays Great Technique

Scott Kritzer

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