Kritzer Studio 2012 Student Recital

Nothing helps shape our practice than an upcoming performance so let’s start talking about your involvement in this spring’s Kritzer Studio Student Recital. What piece(s) would you like to perform? Perhaps you want to brush up an old set of pieces or learn something new. Now’s the time to make the plan! Once we determine your music we’ll form a long range practice plan to bring your playing up to a new level by this spring!

Tom and Patrick Receive Last Minute Performance Notes

The date of the performance has not been set but I am looking at May 2012.

Please post your thoughts below….


Scott Kritzer

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2 Responses to Kritzer Studio 2012 Student Recital

  1. Sue Williams says:

    Hi, Scott,

    I’d love to be a part of the student recital in May 2012, and need to know if it would be appropriate.

    Currently, I’m working on Bach’s Gavotte in A Minor and want to bring it to CGI. Also have Couperin’s Mysterious Barracades, except for the last couplet. Don’t know if I’ll ever get it as the bars just kill me. . . . but we’ll see.

    A friend of mine and I will be performing the Shaker tune “Simple Gifts” (arranged by Allan Alexander) as a duet and will be performing it tonight at our local guitar society. She is considering coming to CGI with me and this would be one of the pieces she’d bring. It’s a lovely arrangement and either part could stand alone, but the interplay of where the melody goes from one guitar to another is wonderful. If she decides not to come, it would be great if someone attending CGI could pick up the other part and then it would be another ensemble work for the group. What do you think?


  2. Scott Kritzer says:


    This all sounds great. I’ll keep you posted on dates. And stay out of those bars!