Performance Anxiety Rehab Monthly Webinars

Performance Anxiety is one of the most debilitating factors a performing musician must face. Most performers suffer from some form of pre concert jitters. Some experience performances interrupted by mistakes, memory slips or by negative self talk. Those who suffer from the effects of performance anxiety also experience the frustrating realization that so much potential was left in the practice room.

(Click here to register for my upcoming webinar Performance Anxiety Rehab – Memory webinar). Space is limited.

Performance Anxiety Rehab incorporates over 40 years of performing and teaching experience.  In these monthly webinars I’ll share the steps to gaining a greater performance experience.

Performance Anxiety Rehab Online Webinars

I’ll be offering a monthly 1 hour webinar of the subject of Performance Anxiety (PA). The format will be in Part 1 to introduce that workshop’s subject and its application to repertoire.

Registrants will get a study packet of material prior to each webinar and everyone will get an assignment from that material for the next webinar. Next I’ll work with a few players and on implementing some PA practice concepts – it’s a safe environment to try things out!

Part 3 will be devoted to your questions about PA.

The webinars will consist of Participants who can be seen and heard and Attendees, who won’t be, but who can still ask questions. Let me know if you’d like to perform. (Space is limited)

Performance Anxiety Rehab – Memory and Encoding – Online Workshop

Saturday, April 18, 2:00 PM PDT

Memory is a big issue in PA and dealing with it effectively is best done from when you first begin learning a new piece. We’ll talk about the three types of memory (all important) and begin working on the first; encoding. Encoding is best done as we start a new piece.  The more relevant information we gather at the beginning the more we insure proper the encoding. This allows us to draw on this material in even the most pressurized settings.

We’ll be using Fernando Sor’s, Study in Bm, Opus 35, No 22 as a template. Over the next few months we’ll take this piece through the PAR steps enabling you to fully experience the benefits of applying PAR techniques to your repertoire, and readying the piece for performance.

Beginners to advanced players welcome!

Performance Anxiety Rehab – Memory Webinar Registration (Space is limited)

Scott Kritzer

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