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Kritzer Studio 2012 Student Recital

Nothing helps shape our practice than an upcoming performance so let’s start talking about your involvement in this spring’s Kritzer Studio Student Recital. What piece(s) would you like to perform? Perhaps you want to brush up an old set of pieces or learn something new. Now’s the time to make the plan! Once we determine Read More

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Master Class – The ‘New’ Kritzer Technique

Technique is one subject that the serious classical guitar student must face sooner or later. Yet, as pedagogies go, the classical guitarist is generally weak on the subject. Although technical ideas abound regarding scales, slurs, and the like, the “how to” is often lacking in terms of teachable execution. Even harder to find is a Read More

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Getting More Out of Your Guitar Practice Time

In my 5 part series “Getting More,” you’ll learn how to get more from your practice time, lessons, performances, and even from your attendance of concerts and master classes. Part 1-Getting More from your Practice Do you find that you lack the time to practice? Perhaps you find that you’re missing more sessions than you’d Read More

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Classical Guitar Immersion 2014 – Performance Preparation, Corbett Oregon

Classical Guitar Immersion Performance Preparation, 2014 with classical guitarist Scott Kritzer Friday, June 13th-20th, 2014 Menucha Retreat & Conference Center Maximun Attendees: 7 What is Classical Guitar Immersion: Performance Preparation? It might be best to first explain what Classical Guitar Immersion isn’t. CGI is not like the common classical guitar festivals offering a week of Read More

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Right Hand Placement for the Classical Guitarist

You can maximize the quality of the sound of your instrument simply by placing your right hand near the back of the sound hole. Often guitarists find themselves playing behind the sound hole, choking the sound of the guitar (I know I have). Watch the following video to find the proper placement of your right Read More

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Classical Guitar Immersion, 2011 – Corbett, Oregon

Classical Guitar Immersion 2011 [SOLD OUT] June 17th to June 24th, 2011 Menucha Retreat Center Corbett, Oregon Built around the method for classical guitar by Scott Kritzer, CGI is an intensive learning experience exploring technique, performance skills and musicianship in a relaxed learning environment suited for beginners and advanced players alike. Scott’s deep understanding of Read More

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Phase I Primary Skills for the Classical Guitarist — Introduction

Introduction Phase I — The Technique of Primary Skills, Part 1 The serious classical guitarist who wishes to study, play, and ultimately perform on the classical guitar needs a strong technical foundation. This strong technical foundation can be achieved when our hands are working with optimal strength and coordination. Optimal strength and coordination can be Read More

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