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Technique Workshop

Saturday, January 14th to February 18th, 2-4 pm The serious classical guitarist who wishes to study, play, and ultimately perform, will find the need for a strong technical foundation. A strong technical foundation can be achieved when our hands are working with optimal strength and coordination, which is best achieved by adhering to bio-mechanical principles. Read More

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Master Class – The ‘New’ Kritzer Technique

Technique is one subject that the serious classical guitar student must face sooner or later. Yet, as pedagogies go, the classical guitarist is generally weak on the subject. Although technical ideas abound regarding scales, slurs, and the like, the “how to” is often lacking in terms of teachable execution. Even harder to find is a Read More

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Thoughts on Performance Anxiety

The following is a recent post on the DelCamp Classical Guitar Forum in response some threads on Performance Anxiety. This was a response to using beta blockers and other ideas for helping with PA. Seems there might be interest in another PAR Workshop this fall (moved up from next Spring). If you want to keep Read More

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Classical Guitar Immersion 2014 – Performance Preparation, Corbett Oregon

Classical Guitar Immersion Performance Preparation, 2014 with classical guitarist Scott Kritzer Friday, June 13th-20th, 2014 Menucha Retreat & Conference Center Maximun Attendees: 7 What is Classical Guitar Immersion: Performance Preparation? It might be best to first explain what Classical Guitar Immersion isn’t. CGI is not like the common classical guitar festivals offering a week of Read More

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Guitar Vacazione: Guitar Master Class & Performance in Rimini, Italy

Guitar Vacazione 2011, Rimini, Italy Join Scott Kritzer in a week-long Guitar Master Class & Performance at the International Classical Guitar Competition in Rimini, Italy. The Master Class is set for August 29th – September 3rd, 2011, at Istituto Musicale Pareggiato G.Lettimi di Rimini & Teatro Francesco Rosaapina di Montescudo. Guitar Vacation is a fantastic Read More

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CGI 2007 Summary

Following the success of the first annual Classical Guitar Immersion conference in 2006, founders Scott Kritzer and Karla Fisher recreated the powerful event at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, June 17-23, 2007. The following is their description of the event and images from the week long conference bringing together a small but passionate Read More

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CGI 2006 Summary

Founded by Scott Kritzer and Karla Fisher, with the help of Kritzer’s students and online community, The Classical Guitar Immersion conference was first held in Portland, Oregon, April 19-23, 2006. The event was a dream come true for Krtizer and Fisher, bringing together classical guitar players of all levels from novice to advanced and professional Read More

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